Client Guide to Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Keep in mind remodeling your kitchen or bath is a major construction project.

Set realistic goals for how long it will be until the fixtures, appliances, gas, and water are hooked up again. ADD EXTRA TIME AS A BUFFER!

Prepare a temporary solution for cooking, preferably in a room with/near a sink and with an abundance of electrical outlets. Set up your new space with a microwave oven, toaster oven, coffee maker, crockpot, or hot plate. Use your barbecue grill if possible. Collect recipes that can be made cold or with your temporary appliances. Place your refrigerator in this room or nearby.

If you don’t have a utility sink, plan on using the sink in another room. Minimize dish-washing with disposable plates, cups, and utensils.

When you remove and pack away the contents of the existing cabinets, be sure to leave out essential items like a can opener, staples such as sugar, salt, pepper, coffee and filters, paper towels, a couple of knives and a cutting board, napkins, aluminum foil, plastic wraps, and resealable plastic containers. For everything you do pack away, put a detailed label on the outside of the box for easy retrieval. For bath; mirror, shaving needs, brush, comb, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Make a list of restaurants and takeout places in the neighborhood and try them out. Encourage friends and neighbors to invite you to dinner.

Realize the stress that a remodeling project will have on all members of the household, including our pet. Setup an area for your pet where they feel comfortable and can get away from the noise and activity of the construction. For safety reasons, take precautions to keep young children and pets out of the actual construction area.

Be prepared for a lot of dust and dirt. Protect equipment such as computers, TV’s, and other electronics. Dust and dirt can be minimized by hanging plastic sheeting over the doors, windows, and openings of the kitchen or bath. Be aware that even with plastic sheeting, some dust and dirt will spread throughout the house.

Consider taking a weekend getaway during the process, to give everyone a chance for relaxation and no decision making.