Basic Steps to Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

  1. Demolition: Remove all old cabinetry, accessories, appliances, countertops, flooring, etc… Include trash/debris removal.
  2. Reconstruction: Structural changes to walls, and/or to ceiling. Add/replace doors and windows. Replace/add subflooring
  3. Rough Plumbing & Electrical: Consider locations of all new appliances, fixtures, counter outlets, lighting, and switches.
  4. Drywall, Plaster, & Patching: Prepare the walls, ceiling, and trim for priming and paint.
  5. Delivery & Installation: Prearrange for delivery of cabinetry. All cabinetry installed as per final plans. Include plywood subtop for all countertop areas using granite, tile, or stone.
  6. Countertop Installation: Granite, marble, soapstone, laminates, tile, butcherblock, corian, ceasarstone, engineered stone, quartz, cement, finished wood, stainless steel, etc…
  7. Flooring Installation: Run the new flooring under the dishwasher, trash compactor, free standing ovens, and refrigerator areas.
  8. Finish Plumbing & Electrical: Set all new appliances, fixtures, outlets, switches, and lighting.
  9. Painting, Wallpaper, & Finishing
  10. Enjoy your New Kitchen and Bath!

When organized properly, it is estimated that you will have your new kitchen or bath within 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the design. Pre-ordering all materials helps!